AZ-900 - Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Aligned Courseware)


1 Day


100 - Fundamentals


Microsoft, Azure

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What is Aligned Courseware?

Based on customer feedback and demand from Training Service Providers (Learning Partners) and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) in regards to the content on Microsoft Learn not meeting the demands of students in the classroom, Specialist Courseware made the commitment to author courseware that aligned directly to the Microsoft Official Courses.

The content is aligned almost identically with official courses, with some exceptions.  Where we find deficiencies in the official courses based on the exam requirements, we may add or enhance content.  Where PPT slides lack detail, these have been amended to create a rich and more engaging experience for the students.

Not only this, we have a continued commitment to keep these courses up to date on a much regular cadence than that of WWL.


This course will provide foundational level knowledge on cloud concepts; core Azure services; and Azure management and governance features and tools.



This course is suitable for IT personnel who are just beginning to work with Azure. This audience wants to learn about our offerings and get hands-on experience with the product. This course primarily uses the Azure portal and command line interface to create resources and does not require scripting skills. Students in this course will gain confidence to take other role-based courses and certifications, such as Azure Administrator. This course combines lecture and demonstrations. This course will also help prepare someone for the AZ-900 exam.


Module 1: Cloud Concepts

In this module, you’ll take an entry level end-to-end look at cloud concepts, which will provide you with a solid foundation for completing the available modules for Azure Fundamentals.


  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud benefits
  • Cloud service types

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Describe cloud computing.
  • Describe the benefits of using cloud services.
  • Describe cloud service types.

Module 2: Azure Architecture and Services

This module explores Microsoft Azure, its architecture, and some of the most commonly used services and resources.


  • Core Azure architectural components
  • Azure compute and networking services
  • Azure storage services
  • Azure identity, access, and security

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Describe the core architectural components of Azure.
  • Describe Azure compute and networking services.
  • Describe Azure storage services.
  • Describe Azure identity, access, and security.

Module 3: Core Solutions

In this module, you’ll learn about the management and governance resources available to help you manage your cloud and on-premises resources.


  • Cost management in Azure
  • Features and tools in Azure for governance and compliance
  • Feature and tools for managing and deploying Azure resources
  • Monitoring tools in Azure

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Describe cost management in Azure.
  • Describe features and tools in Azure for governance and compliance.
  • Describe features and tools for managing and deploying Azure resources.
  • Describe monitoring tools in Azure.