M55619A - Microsoft Copilot for Compliance Administrators (with labs) - In development, scheduled for release late June 2024


1 Day


200 - Intermediate


Microsoft Copilot, Office 365,

Legacy MOC Code



This 1 day course is designed for those looking to prepare their environment for Microsoft Copilot tools as well as implement Microsoft Purview protections. At the core of any successful implementation of Microsoft Copilot is effective information governance. On the one hand, businesses need to ensure that data is protected, and that users only have access to that which they need or to which they are authorised.

On the other, whilst Al is undoubtedly powerful that power is constrained by the quality of the information which it has access to. This course explains how features such as Microsoft SharePoint permissions, Sensitivity Labels, Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management, Records Management, Microsoft Purview eDiscovery & Audit, Message Records Management, Microsoft 365 Archive and Microsoft Search Answers & Authoritative Sources can be used to improve the performance of Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365.

This course is designed to prepare administrators to identify how to optimize data quality and discoverability, helping manage and mitigate risks and liabilities, enhancing the performance and effectiveness of Microsoft 365 Copilot in a real-world setting.

Delegates will be provided a user account with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 to carry out the practical tasks.


It is recommended that you are familiar with the administration and configuration of Microsoft Purview. You will also need to be familiar with the concepts of Microsoft 365 administration covering Entra ID and Microsoft 365 workloads including Teams, SharePoint and Exchange.  It is recommended that you have basic working knowledge of Microsoft 365 services such as Microsoft Search, Delve, OneDrive and Loop.


  1. Understanding Microsoft 365 Copilot
    1. Key Elements of Microsoft 365 Copilot
    2. How Microsoft 365 Copilot works
    3. The Semantic Index
    4. Microsoft 365 Copilot and the Microsoft Graph
    5. Restricted SharePoint search
  2. Microsoft 365 Copilot and SharePoint
    1. SharePoint Permissions
    2. SharePoint Premium Features
      1. Microsoft 365 Archive
      2. Site lifecycle management
      3. Data access governance
      4. Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Search
  3. Using Microsoft Purview to manage and monitor Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365
    1. Data Lifecycle Management
    2. Records Management
    3. MRM (Message Records Management)
    4. Sensitivity Labels
    5. Microsoft Purview Audit
    6. Microsoft Purview eDiscovery